New out post MagicalMountain. Come Co-Own

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  1. Want to Co-Own MagicMountain.

    I am creating a new outpost in the wild of smp2. I want someone to co-own it with me. But you must have or get Skype to do this (Only if you want to co-own it with me). For people just applying there will be a separate application form below this. I hope to grow a nice community here for the people to create freely. If we find a spawner even better. I will have jobs for people to do to keep you busy if you are bored and other fun activities will be created. Now for the applications.... .
    Co-Own Application form (Post through personal message)
    (Write your MC name at the top if you wish. This is not necasary though)
    1. Do you have Skype?
    2. Are you in a current outpost?
    3. What can you bring to the outpost?
    4. Are you willing to spend a fair bit of time at the outpost?
    5. Have you ever been banned or kicked from EMC? (not too much of a problem though)
    6. Can you make decisions quickly to solve problems and are you willing to stop disputes if they happen?
    7. Can you Skype with me to work on this outpost?
    Test Question: As a Co-Owner, you catch someone taking advantages of certain things? Like taking more then what they need from a community chest? What would you do to stop them? (There is so wrong answer to this).

    Member Application Form:
    (Write your MC name at the top if you wish. This is not necasary though)
    1. What can you bring to the outpost?
    2. Are you in a current outpost
    3. Will you accept all the rules in the outpost? (See Below)
    4. Can you do jobs if asked? (minor jobs, If I ask you to do major jobs I do no need you to accept)
    5. Can you make suggestions to the outpost to improve it?
    6. Can you specify in such things as making such and such when needed?
    Test Question: There is a community mine. There are diamonds in the mine (Someone has excavated the land around and it is in someones base in the mine (Little station), what would you do? (Become creative with your answers)(Note: No wrong answer)

    Community Rules:
    1. No abusing staff or other players
    2. Respect all of these rules
    3. Do not steal or grief others builds or anything.
    4. Do not tell Coords to Anyone
    5. Respect all decisions made. You can make suggestions and say alternatives but don't be disrespectful
    6. Keep up your share of work.
    7. dont take advantages of community chests etc (Take what you need only)
    8. HAVE FUN
    9. And ENJOY

    Note: More rules my be added to this forums or AT the outpost
    Note: In order to become Co-Owner you must complete BOTH of the applications form
    Please do this through Personal Message on the forums.