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  1. Ohai der.The name's Albin, or Tuggagummi in game.

    I am quite new to minecraft, and extremely new to this server, joined about..two hours ago haha, played minecraft for..prolly 3 days. I have loads of friends that played this though, and I've watched a several videos so I do know how to get around. I'm 15 years old and I'm from Sweden. Played singleplayer and a little with my friends online but they donät play that much so I decided to find a server, thought this looked nice and here I am :) The biggest of my many interests is football (soccer for you americans ;)) right now, but also playing guitar and I recently got into producing techno/hardcore music (I really suck though xD) I'm very talkative and I like to chat (I find the minecraft chat kinda messy though, hard to keep up with what everybody says, guess I'll get used to it)
    That's about it, looking forward to get to know you guys in game :)
  2. i don't think you are suppose to advertise your shop in someones welcome thread
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