New netherhounds

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  1. Anyone have the stats on the new netherhounds? I'm really looking forward to these things.
  2. Wait what
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  3. Yep, new netherhounds. watch the aikar stream, you'll see them
  4. nether hounds... so many...PNG
    there was many many many more where this came from.
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  5. Beautiful sight, can't wait XD
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  6. they spawn in the overworld there spawn rate is over 100, they spawn directly on players and they will make your fps drop by 10 each time they touch you
  7. Thanks, that's what I was looking for....So who else is excited?
  8. i hope this is a bad joke
  9. me 2 xD
  10. I don't know guys, he seemed pretty serious XD
  11. .... Did you read his reply?
    Anyway, whats that on the minimap that shows mob locations?
  12. its a pic of aikars live stream.
  13. he did load it up on his private server he has it ready for the empire
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  14. Yes I read his reply, I think it'll make the wild/nether a lot more exciting :D
  15. Rephrasing: Did you understand his reply?
  16. Yep :) I like a challenge
  17. No no no no no no no no no no no no no

  18. Then go find them in the Nether :).
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  19. God, you guys are going to drive me out of the Empire if you keep adding more of these things. I swear you guys are evil. At least take a poll on this...
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  20. This belongs on Dystopia or /iwanttodie world, not in /wild or /waste.
    Please be reasonable.
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