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    Bandits would roam the land in groups of 4-6, In the overworld there would be two types of Bandits, skeleton and zombie. There would also be a Bandit Leader, which all the other Bandits would follow. In the nether, there would be bands of zombie pigmen bandits. When Fighting Bandits, if one attacks you, they have a chance of taking one random item from your inventory and replacing their sword with it, leaving them rather defenseless, unless they take one of your swords. Bandit groups in the overworld would occasionally have a wolf or two with them. Pigman bandit groups have netherhounds instead of wolves. Upon death, bandits drop Valuable Items and Loot, Leaders would drop their swords occasionally, their swords would be named Zombie/Skeleton/Pigman Bandit Leader's Sword

    Zombie Bandits would be clad in Leather Armor, and would Hold stone swords. Zombie Bandit Leaders would have Red Dyed Leather Armor, and have a sharpness II stone sword. They would be the easiest and most common kind of bandit

    Skeleton Bandits would have Chainmail Armor and would hold Iron Swords, Skeleton Bandit Leaders Would Be wither skeletons in Gold Armor, and would hold a Sharpness II Iron Sword.
    They would be rarer than Zombie Bandits

    Pigman Bandits would roam the nether, they would have full iron armor, and would hold sharpness II Iron swords. Pigman Bandit Leaders would Have Protection II Iron Armor and a Sharpness II Diamond Sword. They would be the rarest, toughest, and drop the best loot. They would also not concur the wrath of nearby pigmen if attacked.
  2. As much as I agree that this would be pretty cool, I don't see the actual benefit of it. Are there tokens involved? Will they drop any special loot that will be incorporated in a future update (e.g: Blizz Ard nose). It sounds awesome, however I don't see the purpose. ;)
  3. I actually really like this. I think it would fun to search for and fight these.
  4. They sound cool maybe a little more info on the drops though
  5. I forgot about Tokens, anyways, yes, Bandits would drop a small amount, and Leaders would a larger amount, also, maybe leaders could drop items that could be used to summon a "Bandit King" boss
  6. ok i have some alterations to this and things i think would be needed but i love absolutely love this idea.

    first off these should only spawn if everyone in the chunk is on 7 or higher if not they are going to kill people and despawn and valuable stuff that they took is going to be lost think about it "bandit stole your nether star" "kills you" they despawn. then i think a disclaimer needs to be added to the higher levels that items may be despawned with custom mobs. alternatively they are on a countdown based on proximity to your bed before they despawn but keeping them spawned is not an option since aikar hates farms.

    also i think nether bandits should be more netherhound based while regular ones would have one wolf and more skellys. the ratio needs to scale for difficulty as pigmen hurt and netherhounds hurt a little less, whereas skellys hurt and wolves hurt but zombies mostly can be shrugged off.

    love this encounter idea tho
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  7. Well the point is that they are hard, and as such, drop good loot. Also, I really don't like the Ide of everyone in the chunk being 7 or higher. As for the stealing of Items such as nether stars, maybe they could have something where items such as that and promo items are not "Steal-Able" As for the zombies, they are the most common and easiest to deal with, skelly bandits are harder, and are less common, but have better loot, and also, don't forget that these pigmen all have Sharpness II swords and Iron Armor, and the hounds/wolves only occasionally spawn with bandit groups. So not every bandit group with have hounds/wolves, as for despawning, only bandits with players items will not despawn, as that's how it works with hostile mobs even in Vanilla
  8. im going to cover the later part first because its leads into the former: aikar and the community in general dont like lag, because of this the mechanics on emc are different, one of those mechanics is that items given to mobs will not keep them spawned because powergamers (not unlike myself) would just throw a plethora of useless junk we have and keep 150 mobs spawned. so again keeping them spawned indefinitely is simply not an option.
    now, with that information:
    you are suggesting a level 7 player should be able to spawn these then random noob carrying all his diamonds on level 1 comes up and hits one and suddenly a diamond block is gone and he has no idea where his stuff is, and by the time he finds his death location the thing has despawned taking his diamond block with him.

    what this leads to is people hating those mobs liek they did with enraged when they first came out (because they couldnt hunt like i could) staff trys to minimize complaints like this and thus a solution must be found beforehand
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  9. I agree with bitemenow15. While this is a cool idea for good fighters, not so much for those who aren't. I think some way of keeping them away from those who don't want them (like the /ps system) while still allowing those who love a fighting challenge would be needed. Maybe if your ps was too low, they are non hostile to you?