New mob: KIller Pig

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  1. since there are enranged mob i think it wud be a funny idea to hav a killer Pig. it shud hold a gold sword and be able to attack players wondering the wilderness, speed increace, fire riesistance.
  2. aka a zombie pigman?
  3. no I ment a iron sword
  4. First the enraged chicken, now this. Here I'll put it lightly for you: it will never happen :D
  5. so a zombie pigman with an iron sword?
  6. No duh it's a Zombie Ironman with a pig sword :p
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  7. ok wat u say then
  8. just an angry pig, have it attack without a weapon, kind of like a spider. It would drop a saddle for a rare drop, and flesh otherwise. It could be cool.

    Zombie Pigmen should always be angry when found outside the nether.

    Or not .. . ....
  9. actually i like that last part, its rare for them to come through but the light should anger them
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  10. We already have wolves in the nether, so how about more Pigmen in the overworld?
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  11. That would screw up overworld gold farms, wouldn't it?
  12. are there even any overworld farms in emc?
  13. I've never heard of one. Now that I googled it I remember that pigmen can spawn in the overworld through portals.
  14. i mean ive heard of overworld gold farms, takes alot of obsidian tho and they are considerably less effective cause its a chance they will spawn
  15. I kinda made one, Vexen did, ninja did, yeah I know people who have them
  16. I've got one on an SMP3 outpost.
  17. Please,I wish people would understand this: WE HAVE ENOUGH MOBS! Also, I would rather Aikar work on other stuff, like bug fixes and dragon tombs. While I like the new mobs we have, Enough is enough. Also. I wish people who posted this kind of stuff would learn to properly spell. Tis all
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  18. image.jpg
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  19. Omgs I thinkz Vesc is readings thisss likez nowzz

  20. how effective is it? my nether farm sux i hate slabbing and getting killed by lava! lol