new mob idea plox acept it

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by hoi, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. hay guyz we ned a new mob lyk an enragd cow dat goes moo

    here r itz perkz:
    infinite hartz
    dimon swrd enchntd lvl 100 sharp
    red eyz
    an it neds to be real big
    it cud be namd icc
    it wud drop bnchz of dimonz bcuz it real hrd to kil

    plox gime ur ideaz on how dis cud be beter
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  2. ...
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  3. I couldn't help myself... <3
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  4. Wow guys, support this! It needs to be added!
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  5. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD And this is what I wanted to post but I didn't.
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  6. The Farce is strong with this one... :confused:
  7. I lyke totuli agree. Ayekur, edd dis pl0x! Et EEZ GUD eyedea. also, it shud b Ridin a potato, becuas dat ez WUT ICC duz

    Pl0x lyke
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  8. Spawns other cows to help. Upon their death they go boom.
    Flies around.
    Stalks players.
    Upon death it drops 100 TNT that goes boom.
    Upon player's death he/she receives 1 day ban.
    While walking around drops many milk buckets.
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  9. I kno! TEH potato cud hav a egg, and et shuutz TEH eggs and they go reelay fast, lyke a macheen gun. And TEH chickens dat spawn frum TEH eggs bcuom enraged chikns naemd chicken eet, and they can b rlly big also!
  10. yis a thousand timz yis
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  11. O Yis dis neds 2 b3 aded n0w. Aiukur Com nw
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  12. How about
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  13. aw yis
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  14. It needs 2 luk lyke et duz en Teh piktur. Utterwys, peepol weel confus et wif a skeleton

    Also, EET needs a budder ingot in his mouth, bcuz Skyduzmyncarft iz TEH bast utubr evar! And I only wach him bcuz all TEH rst SUX
  15. What the
  16. my IQ is dropping by the second...
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  17. I see you Mr. Grey Text >.>
    Hehehe... Nobody can read this :3
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  18. Please don't try and make fun of players that were trying to suggest things they liked the idea of. Locking thread.
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