NEW! Minecraft for Xbox 360 Multiplayer

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Skilled_Creeper, May 6, 2012.

  1. My Xbox Gamertag is HesDead Call911. I will be getting MCX360 when it comes out as well, but you should not expect to play it with me immediately as I will be teaching my friend how to play. We can both join you next weekend if you are going to be available :)
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  2. ok sometime this week i'ma try to get 2 things for my xbox :#
  3. I sir... will be your shield brother.
  4. That is Mojang's channel
  5. GT: FPSStimulus
    the King of Donuts on Xbox Live Clan Tags: uMaD, FOOD, BO2, FKyl
    Add meh! (I play a variety of games)
  6. So I heard this game goes live on the Xbox tomorrow?
  7. It does indeed, also I am going to be getting it (hopefully) first thing in the morning tomorrow even though I have to go to school so if anyone wants to add me and play with me add Robot Bruce Lee (I'm changing it soon to HeroOfPoseidon soon though)