new MEGASTORE coming next month!!

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  1. i am wackedmind,
    i have a new store opening next month on smp5. the adress is 10600. in order to build this store i will need donations. the more donations the cheaper prices will be in my MEGASTORE!!!! donation chests r located at the res spawn. i would really appreiciate it if u would donate:)
  2. Is it going to be buy/sell?
  3. Usually I don't do this, but:
    You usually can lower your prices if your shop is actually good, and people buy from it, it's cheap, which will bring in more customers and easily gain back the rupees. So donations shouldn't really be needed.
  4. yes it probably will be i have just started the foundation:)
  5. Yes as great as this sounds if he lowered his buy prices then his sell prices would be even lower. You have to find the price that people are willing to pay for items while also finding a price that people are happy to sell there items at.
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  6. i do have prices figured out and I'm thinking instead of having a mall where people can rent rooms to sell stuff in:)
    what do u guys think about that idea