New mega mall on smp6 *not finished*

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by BanditLM, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Come have a look at my new mega mall on smp6 13020 not yet finished i need some surjestions?
  2. potions is always good in mega malls!!! Good idea to build on SMP6 it a bit quite there... Also quartz sell for some good rupees
  3. Ok thanks mate can you sell to me to help me re stock?
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  4. I have some potions i can sell u, but i'm in the wild so i need to get back and then i can tell what i can sell you and for how much!
  5. Ok I can't et on minecraft do another 2 days tho but pm me what you have
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  6. I will do that ASAP i'm building farm for people as well! So might be a while...
  7. That's ok mate i can wait :) do you have alot of different kinds of potions?
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  8. Yes i have at least 5 different kinds... i think! + enough to make more!
  9. Ok awesome :) i should be able to make a potion floor :)
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  10. Bear in mind im not very rich lol