New Mega Mall at 6681 (smp3) (Buy and sell)

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  1. Hey Empire!
    I am re-opening my shop that turned into a mega mall! It was all messed so I did it all again. The shop is located in 6681 (smp3). Just step into the plate that says "to shop". There you will find a teleporter room with different sections. Is divided in colors of wools. They are 12 in total.

    Here they are:
    Magenta wool: Wools and Dyes
    Gray: Stone items
    Blue: Mob drops
    Pink: Spawn Eggs
    Light blue: Tools weapons and armor
    Purple: Ores, Gems and Ingots
    Lime: Food and Farming
    Green: Other building blocks
    Orange: Miscellaneous
    Yellow: Music discs (I have them all, if they are not stocked tell me of pm me)
    Brown: Wood items
    Red: Redstone items and.... Secret Section

    I will not tell you anything about the secret section, just check it out! There are good prices there.

    Answering your first question: Of course, we accept donations.
    You can donate rupees or stuff. If you donate you will get a place in wall of donators. If you donate more than 1k you will get a place in wall of huge donators. I also accept stuff so if you want to give me something pm me!
    The shop is a buy and sell shop so I want to have it stocked. Go there and fill it!

    I am re-opening so I will put fireworks in 6681! And I will use an
    Empire Firework!!!
    Here are some screenshots!


    2013-01-10_14.40.40.png 2013-01-10_14.40.14.png 2013-01-10_14.40.28.png

    I hope you enjoy!
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  2. Come on! nfell has to spam this!
  3. No he doesn't actually. He only uses mega malls on smp4.
  4. I dont know but he must spam
  5. No more beacons but a lot of stuff. Blazes for 4r and enderpearls for 8r
  6. Cool ill be there