New Mall Opening!

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  1. Attention ALL! First I would like to say hope everyone has a very good Christmas! :)

    As some of you know I am back to EMC, and I wanted to do something that everyone will be able to use!

    So Myself and aCookieGod have created Project "CookieInc"
    We have created a MegaMall on SMP 1! Res #: 2010

    What will we be selling you ask!?

    We are not going to be selling EVERY single block/Item in the MC world, but we will be selling & buying ALL basic Items & Items that people are in need of the most. We promise to give you the cheapest possible prices for all Items!!

    What are "CookieInc" Future plans!?
    In the future we have a plan to expand out business and make a Casino, Hotel, Parkour, Resort as we get more customers and start to grow! I am not going into detail right now, but soon in the future as we grow and expand we will create more thing for the community!

    This is what we have created so far! :) Any donations of Rupees would be grateful (All people who donate will be put in an amazing looking room at the Mall!)

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  2. Congrats on a new mega mall Nick! :)
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  3. Nobody cares about Cookie
  4. Congratz cookie.
  5. shush you chocolate chip ;3
  6. We would like as much outbreak and exposure to all on EMC! Please if you live on smp1, and would like to help us out you can put a Teleport to our Mall once it's open! :) Thank you!
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  7. Bump! :D
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