New Mall on smp4

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  1. There is a new mall being built on smp4 at res#8505. Im currently trying to figure out a way to make it a community mall where anyone can come and sell there resources and it still be safe from theft and grief. There is going to be a Business and Services Hub where you can come and find anything you may need. Im also keeping it simple and redstone free so it doesnt cause lag to people who have low end computers. I sure hope to see yall come on by and enjoy the mall. I will be looking for suppliers here soon. Any donations will be gretaly appreciated . Thank yall for taking the time to read this.
  2. I think it looks really awesome, i checked it out :) Also keep the stuff you sell at a resonable price, more people will buy. Also have a bulk buying part where it is a lil cheaper than in the original mall. And Also have the stuff in stock at all times or you might piss of people or lose customers.
  3. yeah ima do my best to keep everything in stock. just gonna have to figure out how much to pay employees
  4. if anyone already knows how much stuff should go for feel free to let me know. im probaly gonna need some help with the pricing
  5. the pricing should be various on each item. diamonds for example could go for 90-110 ect.
  6. The major lag at shops is due to blockentity's, that are chests, hoppers, signs, items frames and stuff. and sadly you cant miss chests and signs
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  7. To advoid using item frames you can put the blocks behind the chest to show its say diamonds for example you put dia blocks :D