New Mall Coming Soon To SMP4!

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  1. Hello people of EMC!

    Today I am excited to bring you a new mall to smp4.
    I started to build a new building on Smp4 at 8006. When it was nearing completion I decided to tear the whole thing down.

    Why you might ask? To build, what I believe to be is the best looking creation I have made to this date.
    I haven't started building yet, so it will be a while until this mall is actually finished.
    I'm guessing sometime in early March it will be finished, it would be earlier but due to the items I have chosen to build with it will take longer.

    I have built the face of the entire mall in Single Player, like I do with all my builds.
    Here are some pictures of what it will look like.

    Pretty nice, aye?
    As I said above, it is only the front of the building. On the front alone, in creative mode, I spent about 5 hours building this monstrosity.

    Also, the white blocks in the picture are Quartz Blocks, somewhat hard to see in these pictures.
    I felt Quartz looked the best out of any block I had tried, because it is Quartz the build will take a while to complete. I've calculated that I will need around 1 1/2 - 2 Double Chests of Quartz Blocks to complete this build; not including the inside of the building.

    I didn't just post this thread to show off my new mall, I also did it so I could hear some suggestions from the community! Personally I think it looks great as it, but there is always room for improvement. Please, post below if you have any ideas to better this build. Let me know if you think it's too tall, too short, too wide, different blocks to add, etc. I want it to be perfect.

    Due to the rarity of the items I have chosen to build with, (Quartz Blocks, Cyan Stained Clay, Glowstone, Stone Brick) I will be accepting donations to help the build along. It will be very difficult to come across nearly Two Double Chests of Quartz Blocks without spending a very large amount of money. Donation chests are setup at 8006 on Smp4 if you care to donate. All donations are very much appreciated.

    Thank You all for reading, and I hope you look forward to this build as much as I am.

    Please Do Not Steal Design ;)
  2. That is a very good looking front. Can't wait to see it myself on EMC :)
  3. Wow
    Just, wow
    It's huge, but amazing at the same time o.o
    It's going to take forever to build and get all the materials, but I bet it'll look amazing when it's done

    I might drop by and donate 'some' Stone Bricks later, just tore down my castle and I have more then I can deal with haha
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  4. Looks good! :D I like the design. Can't wait for it to come to SMP 4, after all, 9000 needs some competition. ;)
  5. looks great vit :D keep up the good work :)
  6. Very nice, I can't wait to see it in the flesh... or er digitalness that is EMC? Anyway looks awesome vit!
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  7. I can keep you stocked on mob heads.. ;)
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  8. Looks great VITIRI! :D
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  10. I've started building already on Smp4, I started about 5 days ago. I already have a lot done and it is looking pretty great.
    Feel free to stop by and check it out for yourself :) Smp4 8006