New Mall at 2222 on smp1!

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  1. Hey guys! So, I opened a new mall today at 2222 on smp1. Here are some screenshots of it:

    A view from the outside:


    The TP room:

    One of the floors:


    You guys should come check it out! The prices are slightly below the average of the other smp1 malls. Hope to see you all there :)
  2. I did some restocks. There is now 23 wither skulls and 2 beacons in stock
  3. This also a buy and sell shop, if anyone was wondering. Also, to anyone who visited, leave feedback here. If you have an suggestions, I will consider them and possible change or add it.
  4. Checking it out right now! ;)
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  5. Did you like it :)
  6. I love it! It's a really nice mall! :D
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  7. IS this what I'm stockin :p
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  8. Yes :)
  9. Erhmegerd! Wonderful mall! I used to own that residence.. ;)
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  10. lol!
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  11. I'm really liking all the feedback! I have tons of people sell me stuff, so my shop is very well stocked now. If anything is out of stock, message me in game or on the forums and I will work on it ASAP
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  12. I have taken a few people suggestions and made changes. Keep the feedback coming!
  13. Awesome, more competition as if there wasn't enough -_-

    Mall looks nice, though.
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  14. I really like all the nice things people have been saying about my shop! Thanks guys!