New mall at 218 (Stack Cobble 20r, Obsidian 35r, ...)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have opened my new mall at 218 smp1!

    Hightlights are:
    • Stack of Cobble 20r
    • Stack of Stone/Stone Brick 32r
    • Obsidian 40r
    • Wool at 1.5 r
    • Cheapest wheat and many other nature and food
    Tell my if something is missing!

    Yours sincerely,
  2. You might want to higher the price of obsidian. Players will just abuse that because all they care about is money :)
  3. Yes, you are right. I don't want to get abused.
    Now it is 40r. I think that should be ok for everyone!

    Thank you ShrinkingMatt!
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  4. How much wool for 1.5?
  5. I have a DC of every color but can make more :)
  6. How bout 2k for one DC of wool?
  7. Sorry, that is less than 0.6 r per Wool. All shops in stock have 2r. I have 1.5r.
    I had to choose a price where people are also willing to sell for. If I sell for 0.57 the sell price would be 0.5. Nobody wants to sell for 0.5.
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  8. I also have spawn eggs - very cheap:
    • Sheep 20r
    • Wolf 90r
    • Ocelot 90r
    • Rabbit 40r
    • Cow 20r
    I try always to be in stock - thank you for the suppliers by the way!