New look, same great prices! Mob Drop Shop, 18617, smp9

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  1. MrColt45's
    Mob Drop Shop
    18617, smp9

    Huge stock! Featuring all the best drops: Slime Balls, Gunpowder, Blaze Rods, Gold Nuggets, Iron Ingots, Black Dye, Raw Meats, Leather, Arrows, Bones, String, and more.

    Buy small or buy the DC.

    Seller's floor located up top buying raw meats, leather and ghast tears.

    Happy Shopping!
  2. whoa! that is insanely cool looking. I will definitly go check it out. Where do you get all your gunpowder?
  3. Just saying, if you need drops this is the place to get them, and now it looks 10x cooler. Good job ;)
  4. Lol, how much time did you spend on perfecting the pixel art?
  5. Thanks!
  6. AFK at a mob grinder, mostly. Be sure to check out mob head park at 18252. Those are the XP kills :)
  7. Thank you...keep buying! :)
  8. Four panes is a pixel. Was pretty easy doing the standard 16x16 pixel face. Just wish we had more colors to work with.
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  9. Please don't quadruple post...
  10. Why is move off??? D:
  11. Yeah D:
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  12. I really need some bones!
    Why is move off!?