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Good idea?

Nay 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Yay 8 vote(s) 61.5%
I have Rei's, why would I need this 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. Hai. I thought up of a new feature the live map could have, if possible.
    If you're horrible at coordinates like me, it might be tough to find something when your friend says something like "I found a good cave at X:#### Z:####". Or, if you have a base, and you forgot where on the live map it is but you have the coordinates, and you're horrible with coords.... yeah, you get the point.
    But that's where the new feature comes in!
    This new thing on the Live Map would work like this: 1) You enter in the X and Z coordinates. 2) The live map centers on those coordinates, showing you where on the map it is.

    This would be a helpful feature in my opinion.
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  2. wonderful idea!
  3. X and Z*
  4. If there was a cave, you need all three don't you?
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  5. I think they should have the third option they have on Stages live map, that shows cave systems.
  6. yes, but he said X & Y. No Z. Z is important.
  7. Y would sorta be cheating, will edit the OP :)
  8. Awesome
    Maybe puts a target on the spot summink?
  9. Nay.
    You can just mouse over the live map and see the coordinates, or click on your friends name in the livemap, then zoom out and walk to them.
    And if its a problem with distance, each outpost is 10000 blocks from the main spawn.
  10. But what if your friend isn't on or isn't at the cave? Also, yes, you can mouse over and see the coordinates but it is hard sometimes to find where it is.
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  11. Get the minimap mod with waypoints.
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  12. Then you wait for your friend to get on, or the cave wasnt cool enough to explore more
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  13. Bump!
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