New Let's Play Channel!

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  1. Hey all. A good friend of mine has started his own channel on youtube called Kidney Punch Gaming. He's doing pretty much any game at the moment, so he would be 100% receptive to suggestions (within budget). It's over at

    Now, this is a mature channel with violent games and adult language, so if you're not a person who appreciates those things, you would probably not have too much fun watching Azh get chased by Slenderman or seeing Flaw get spooked by PT. Seriously, she got straight freaked out.

    Anyway, check it out! He also streams, but it's during odd hours, so check it if you can. Thanks!
  2. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention, there's an EMC discount! Mention that you're from Empire, and it's EXTRA free to watch on youtube!