New Laptop Help?

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  1. Well, I've recently decided that I need a new laptop as my old one is getting to a point where it's impossible to use (So I have to use our desktop now, which my wife uses too). My main uses for this laptop is for entertainment purposes, work and gaming. I'm mainly looking for one that runs Windows 7, a pretty good Graphics Card that will run the latest games, 6+ GB of RAM, and a decent processor. I have no specific budget, but I don't really want it to stretch over around $900 AUD.

    So, if you have an ideal laptop for my computing needs, don't be afraid to post. :)
  2. It's probably close to impossible to find a Windows 7 laptop as they are only produced with Windows 8 now.
  3. True. But HP are still selling a few W7 Laptops, I've been considering some of those ones...
  4. What about an alien ware! Jk jk jk there way! over $900
  5. Windows 7 might be a rough find, but i saw something about being able to do a free downgrade. I'd definitely look into that. (I too hate windows 8)

    Edit: Try's much cheaper, and better.

    Edit #2: Oops, laptop...Never mind then.
  6. Windows 8 is cool for its more modern I think and I like the layout.
  7. I am just not fond of the new Start Screen and such, I find Windows 7 more more accessible and convenient.
  8. Everybody has there opinion I suppose.
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  9. What about this one? LINK

    8 GB of ram, the i7 processor, a 750 GB disc, and Windows 7 :)

    Higher end of your price range though
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  10. Haha, that was the exact one I was thinking about! I really think HP has good value for their price, and I'm glad they're still doing W7 laptops. :)
  11. Yeah, I'm a Mac person myself, but if I wasn't I'd probably be on a HP right now :) I looked at Lenovo just now and for the same price you get half the ram, a smaller screen, and a smaller HD.
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  12. Yeah, I'm more of a Mac person too, they're just too expensive for me. :)
  13. Try the Sony Vaio. I got mine for about £750 (which may be about AU$1000) and it has W8 (which you get used to pretty quickly) 8gb RAM, Quad Core i7 processor at 2.2ghz and 2gb dedicated to graphics/good graphics card. It's pretty good. But then again I don't think this is what you're looking for.
  14. Windows 8 Sucks
    Alienware Sucks
    Acer Sucks
    HP defiantly Sucks

    I've used each of the 4 suckiest laptops, they all:
    Don't hold up
    Don't run fast
    Don't last long

    I have a MacBook 08 refurbished, got it for 800$ but 200$ of that was making it 4 GB ram and getting a warranty

    Build your own, Thats my recommendation ( just make sure there are no Dell parts in it )
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  15. Everything in that post was so so right....besides the mac part :p
  16. I have a toshiba satellite from Costco, and it runs well, only thing is its windows 8, but they are adding boot to desktop which means if you don't want to, you don't have to use the tiles at all
  17. Does anyone actually like any PC brand? I hear hate for all the main ones like HP and dell? Don't even get me started on the amount of hate macs get :p (Although i'm not a big fan of them either :p) I think the PC I will be getting is a HP, despite everyone saying I should build my own.