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  1. So yeah I'm soon going to buy a new laptop and I want a good one... So here's the specs of what I'm considering:
    - GeForce GT650 2GB
    - Intel Core i7-3630 4 cores 2.4 ghz
    - 32GB RAM
    - 256 GB SSD
    - 1TB HDD
    And Windows 8 as OS.

    So this computer costs about $2150, in Norway where I'm from I consider this as really cheap.
    If anyone are interested in the link, it's here: .
  2. Hm....
    If you weren't getting a laptop...


    Silent Slider!

    Powered with the latest Extreme Intel® Core™ i7 3930K 3.20GHz (12MB Cache) Six Core Processor and overclocked up to 4.3GHz, the NRG Avalanche is a force to be reckoned with. Featuring Intel® X79 Chipset - USB3.0 & SATA3 6Gbps Ready and the Asus® RAMPAGE IV FORMULA Motherboard.

    Enjoy every day, in your white beast simplified with Genuine Microsoft® Windows 7® Professional 64-bit. Maximise your Windows experience and storage with a dedicated120GB Corsair SSD SATA3 and a huge 2TB HDD. Run multiple applications with ease thanks to 16GB Corsair® DDR3-1866MHz Dominator Memory. Remain safe and cool with the Corsair® H80 Liquid Cooling system.

    Surprise your opponents and game with phenomenal performance from the AMD® Radeon® HD7950 with 3GB GDDR5 or enjoy your favourite DVD’s in Full High Definition with the included Blu-ray Combo Drive. You’ll be the sudden envy with your Avalanche all contained in a pristine Corsair® 600T White Gaming Case (Including Corsair® AX 850W PSU (80-PLUS GOLD Certified).
  3. That is nice, but the graphics are lacking very much. Wayyyyy too much ram, for sure.
    If i may suggest it,
  4. #1 rule of buying a gaming computer.
    don't buy a gaming computer.
    think the gaming computer. build the gaming computer.
    be, (comma for extra emphasis and drama) the, (again) gaming computer.
  5. There's really no such thing as a 'gaming laptop', unless it's by Razer or Alienware. But if i were you i'd invest the $1200 that you'd be putting into the laptop into building a gaming desktop. You can get an Intel Core i5 Processor that's just as fast as the i7 for way cheaper. That being said, if you need recommendations for a graphics card i'd have to say to get the Nvidia GTX 670 - it's cheaper than a GTX 680 and can be overclocked to a 680 speed anyways. Additionally, there is no way in hell that you need 32 gigabytes of RAM unless you're hosting servers- which you shouldn't do anyways because, it's way too expensive unless you can host multiple servers from one computer. As for the SSD, you don't really need that big of one, SSDs are primarily used for speeding up boot times of your computer, and i have a hard time believing that you're going to have a 256 GB operating system lol. saving money is good. :).
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  6. Speaking of which, I actually just built an awesome gaming computer for around $500. Runs Battlefield 3 on Medium - High settings with ease. :cool:.
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  7. Spend less on ram and more on a video card. Ram is an upgrade you can do down the line, but you won't be able to upgrade the video card.

    I'd rather see a build with the best video card out there, and 8gb of ram - maybe 16. It's a laptop, not a server, and as of today you're not going to use 32gb - but they will sure charge you for it.
  8. trust me ihad one, the alienware laptops are not what they used to be. they really are overpriced laptops with a cool case and a custom startup screen. the razer ones are a bit overpriced but better.
    along the lines of a video card, getting even a 670 is kinda overkill, a 660 TI is cheaper and is only slightly slower.
    if for some reason you wanted to go way overkill and got the 690, dont. the ATI cards have a better card for cheaper but the name escapes me.
    he also could use the SSD if he wanted to store some things like game files to load faster, or render faster if he wants to render stuff in Maya.
    if you want the SSD for your OS, then get a 60 gig max. you will NEVER need that much for an OS. my windows takes up about 20 gigs, not that much.
    if you are adament about getting a laptop, please do not go with dell. their laptops are not meant for gaming. it was a shame when they bought alienware.
    look at Newegg, they have a lot of different kinds of laptops so even if you don't buy from there, it would be good for getting specs of ones that you like.
    also many new laptops that cost over 300$ can usually run minecraft over 24 FPS, which is the standard for video games, some tv shows and some movies.
    if you are lucky and get a good laptop you can probably get over 60 FPS, which is pretty standard for higher end gaming, as that is a very common refresh rate for monitors.
    if you do not want to build your own computer you can buy from, they build your computer there and ship it. shipping it can lead to problems of loosening parts though, and there is a surcharge and markup for everything you have in it, but it is still highly customizable.
    links: ( i didnt talk about this retailer for parts but they are really cheap for some things, but shipping is really slow)
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