New iSmoochGames Video!

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  1. A new minecraft survival video from iSmoochGames with LadyHayley (hayleycolgan) and iSmooch is Up! And we need input from you guys! Make sure you comment what you think our goals should be for this adventure! Comment on Youtube so we can give a shoutout in the next video.

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  2. Marry that girl :)
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  3. No comment ;)
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  4. I glaze my pork.
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  5. Nice first episode! :D
    Recorded and edited well, brought to 720p. I like. :)
    Interesting play through.
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  6. Hayley, I just realized your the Lady! :eek:

    Y'all keep up the good show. Keep giving them likes .... unlike most that watch. I still don't understand why so many don't help out a channel like that? :confused:
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  7. I don't know what you're talking about ;)
    Thanks for the support <3

    Cheers man :) Thanks for watching!
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  8. GOALS:
    Create a Nether portal WITHOUT using a diamond pickaxe
    make 1 stack of iron ingots
    collect 10 Ender pearls
    collect 1 stack of bones
    collect 2 stacks of GUNPOWDER :p SSSssss
    make an auto harvest wheat farm.
    Find a mineshaft.
    build a house floating in the sky (stairs can lead up to it but house can't have any minecraft generated land under it)
    Last but not least! make a..... C A K E !
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  9. The first one is pretty tough :confused: I like the cake bit :p And I could definitely make an auto harvest wheat farm. Thanks for the goals Skilled :)
  10. I thought it said hgames at first... my bad.
  11. now post it on youtube.. and like the videos XD

    thats actually the third episode ;)
  12. done :p