New Inn on smp2

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  1. The Dark Water Ninja Inn on smp2 4347.


    3 Regular rooms all slightly different at 100r per week.

    1 Suite With a view of the maze at 300r per week.

    1 Penthouse (currently rented for the next 4 days) at 700r per week or 100r per day.

    All rooms include private access chests and use of the Inn's workbenches and furnaces.

    A bar with 3 beers on tap.

    A beer garden with a view of the maze starting platform.

    An outdoor eating area.

    Multiple reading areas.

    Please make sure to check your weapons at the door :D
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  2. I was just there! It's pretty:)
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  3. Nice build, but I'm sorry to say that hotels haven't been doing so good for a while, but luckily for you, lots of newbies are playing, so that might change! Good luck! :)
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  4. Thx :D