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  1. I have started development of a RPG called The Thief of Time. It's storyline is based of a short story (about 30 pages) I wrote a while back. Here is a general idea of the storyline.
    2 Thieves find a magical artifact with control over time that the evil mage who goes by the name Chronos has been looking for ages. You the thieves and maybe some other people you pick up along the must then travel across Avabruck to defeat the followers of Chronos and eventually Chronos himself and stop the artifact from falling into the wrong hands.
    The style will be in that of a 16 bit game with a side view battle system reminiscent of old FF games.
    The development time should be expected to take 6 to 8 months and the game should be about 5 to 7 hours long.
    On this thread I will post updates on the progress and will eventually make the game downloadable to everyone for the cheap price of free.
    If you have any idea that you think should be in the game, post here and I may think about adding it.
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  2. OOO! OOO! I have a thing!!!

    Go to this link to fund your game! I would love to fund it for a fellow EMCer! You can fund this game to help you hire people, or whatever you like, you just have to follow through! And if you can make a video showcasing your game, that is necessary. Though it doesn't have to be professional. Also if your game is funded, you get the money, and if it is finished you can put the game on steam for valve and GabeN! See how undertale made it successful? It was funded on kickstarter! For more info, just refer to the link and if you like, you can start a thread for your funding! Again, I would absolutely LOVE to fund this game! It sounds amazing! And if there is a soundtrack, please let me know so I can listen to it. Also I might get a lot of hate for this but whatevs :p
  3. Thanks Shyguy but this game is not going for commercial release (likely) and I don't want to take peoples money to make it when all it costs is time I have.
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  4. But what if you do?
  5. No worry this is the first game I'm making and I want to make sure it's actually decent and if it's shoddy nothing good comes out of that if it's being sold. You want to be a NPC for at least trying to be helpful?
  6. Yes, lol.
    Try hard enough, and it will look excellent :)
  7. Well I will put you in and thanks for believing me but maybe my second game.
  8. New features implemented:
    Bounty quests: Accept a quest from the bounty master who is located in every town inn. The quest will require you to slay a boss monster and will give you great rewards. There is a bounty quest at every town that can be completed once.
    New boss: A new boss and the first boss has been put in. Defeat Bonehead, the skeleton for completion of the first bounty.
    Another boss will be coming soon named Shadow of Coronas, who will be a story advancing boss.
    Do you have a idea for the next bounty boss? Submit your idea on the thread or PM me.
  9. Once I get some more things done on the first of 5 islands I will start to post screenshots of the game.