NEW: How many likes can i get for MY drawing ? <3(:

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by MeVoid, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. ill be first :D
  2. Thanks! :D
  3. I did it because I liked it
    - im not very good at drawing :(
  4. Awesome creeper! :3
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  5. Creeper says: I see toesssss...
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  6. :D like 4 u
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  7. Hahaha yeah i know :3
  8. What do you mean?
  9. i did you just cant tell the creeper is green shaded and everything else is shaded like a greyish blackish :) it looks really good in person. i did it in art class on a free day :D
  10. You got my like !
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  11. i love it!

    but i think i see a foot!? :p
  12. That would be mine :3 lol i didnt notice it till later xD
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  13. Didn't notice , my apologies.
  14. its alright you cant really tell it.. your not the only person thats said that :3