New Hotel Open! (While Under Construction)

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  1. Ello everyone, I'm back on EMC with my latest project. I have a new Hotel on SMP2 that will be finished very soon!

    Keep in mind, it is currently under construction. Because players have shown interest in-game already, I want to put it up here in case anyone wants to pre-order their room before it's finished. I estimate it will be near completion in the next week or so.

    The screenshots are 2 of the exterior of the building, as well as 2 screenshots of my first Luxury Room. That room was rented before it was even completed... =D

    Res #: 3578


    200r/week for a Basic Room. This is a single room, single floor rental for the budget conscious. It doesn't skimp on class though!

    1,000r/week for a Spacious, Two-Story luxury apartment.
    *I offer heavy discounts for those that pre-pay 1 month and longer! (30%-70% off depending)
    **There is wiggle room for design in the apartments. If you want it changed, I will be happy to oblige! This is especially true if you pre-order a room before it's built! I can design it to your spec. (As long as it fits my floor plan for the building)

    Rooms available:

    3 Luxury (Two being top floor, sky suites), 3 Basic. Total of 6 rooms available.
    **** Only 1 Basic and 1 Luxury have been finished so far... 2 more Basic will be done by Tuesday.

    As of now, one Basic room is completed and available. The 1st luxury room has been rented already.

    Let me know what you guys think! Also, if you wish to pre-order a room, let me know! Please do not pay until we are both in game and have closed the deal. Kinda like a virtual-handshake. I want to make sure everyone is pleased with their room!

    Lot 3578

    PS: As was the policy with all of my previous Hotels...

    If you abandon your room (Ie: Let your rent expire without paying) for more than 1 week (7 days) I will reclaim the room. This means I will move all of your stored belongings to secure storage in the basement. This storage will have your name on it, and you will be able to access the chest. You will be able to return to the hotel and go the basement to reclaim your items at any time.

    I do this to ensure that I am able to resell a room after it has been abandoned. Also, I want to ensure that nobody ever loses their things after abandoning a room for whatever reason.

    Thanks again!

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  2. Want to be part of the Jimbo hotel alliance?
  3. If we become business partners, we dont have to compete withe each other and we can drive out any competitors on smp2
  4. Jimbo, what can the Hotel Alliance do for me? I'm just curious, I might be interested in joining.

    KingGeorge3rd, that sounds good. I'm not out to compete with you. I just want to drum up some business for luxury hotel rooms. =D
  5. Just a heads-up... I lowered my prices. Seeing the competition, I priced my Luxury rooms at 500r/week now. And my Basic Rooms at just 100r/week.
  6. I can help supply you with building material. It is a FREE ad space.
    You just have to ask and I can help mostly.