New Horse Race Course And Betting System

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  1. I Have Finally Completed And Successfully Tested My Horse Racing Course on Smp8.
    The Races Will Take Place At My Residence Approximately Once A Week And I Will Post Full Times At A Couple Days Notice, And Will Open Up The Betting Centre And Jockeys Centre.

    To Take Part In An OFFICIAL Race You Need To reserve A Space As A Jockey By Buying The Slip From The Jockeys Centre (100 r And One Per Person). Redeem To Me Or Geewhizz222 Before The Race In Exchange For A Coloured Tunic (Same As You Reservation Slip) Also You Must Provide Your Own Horse Or Buy One On Site. There Are Only 5 Jockeys Per Race. Bets Are Only Valid For OFFICIAL Races.
    Prize For 1st/2nd/3rd AreFor More Info On Bets /msg CreeperKillerALX Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophy's
  2. Betts Are 100r Each At A Fixed Rate.

    If Your Bet Was The Winning Horse, Redeem Said Slip To Me Or Geewhizz222 (At My Res On Smp8) In Exchange Of Your Prize Money (200r)

    All Bet Slips Including None Winning Bet Slips MUST Be Returened To Me Or Geewhizz222
  3. I'd love to enter, depending on the time - 5:00PM EMC time onwards on Friday or Saturday is good for me :)
  4. I Am Sorry, In My Previous Post Said A Couple Of Days Notice, Due To The Fact That I Am Not Able To Give A Couple Of Days Notice And Guarantee That I Would Be On-line At The Race Tine. This Means I Am Only Able To Give A Half Hour Notice. (Or The Time Between Me Connecting To EMC And The Nearest Time Of Significance i.e. 7 pm Or 8:30 pm, But AT LEAST 30 Minutes Approx.)

    Sorry For Any Inconvenience. The Once A Week Rule Still Apply's So That I Have Time To Time To Replenish/Recover Stocks (Tunics, Trophies, Books.)
  5. My Race Course Is OPEN At All Times To People Who Want To Practise Or Race Friends Out Side Of Race Times.

    If You Are On The Course At The Time When The Race Is Soon To Commence And There Are Spaces In The Race Available, In Will Offer Them To You To Compete.

    There Has Also Been A Little Bit Of Confusion Concerning Trophies, They ARE YOURS TO KEEP If You Win One In An OFFICIAL Race (You Do NOT Get A Trophy Winning An Unofficial Race.). I Would Prefer It If You Did Not Sell Them Or Use Them In Crafting Recipes Please. If You Win, You Will Go On The Board Of Winners.
  6. I was thinking. If some of the race course owners team up, we can create a league like Grand Prix racing ;p
    So for example every month there is race on a course where you can win prices depending on the owners set of rules.
    Riders get points and depending on how much courses will join the competition we can create a season where you can collect points as rider and in the end of a season one will be crowned "Michael Schumacher"
  7. My First Official Race took Place On Monday 3:30pm EMC Time (8:30pm British Time) And Was Very Successful
  8. What Do You Mean Sn00bBdog, Do You Mean One Race At One Race Course And The Next At Another??

  9. I believe you may have to get it approved by EMC staff if it requires a payment.
  10. Geewhizz222 Spoke To A Mod And He Said It Was Fine.
  11. That's good then. =)
  12. I think this idea would be very coooooool bruh
  13. Can I use a 138 speed horse?
  14. Yes Of Course You Can
  15. Well, lets say we have a group of 5 course owners that join together. We could make a official horse race competition.
    Besides everybody has its own events, once a month one of us holds a Grand Prix. Of course with prices, but the results also gains points. After 5 months after all the grand prix's are done somebody gets on top and can get crowned Schumi of EMC.
    Just a idea.. :)
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  16. Yes OK, Who Else Is Involved??
  17. That Is Too Late For Me Sorry, Thats 10:00pm In England And The Latest I Can Do is 3:30pm EMC Time. (8:30 British Time) Again I'm Sorry For This.
  18. Ah ok - no problem :)
  20. Results!!!
    1st Geewhizz222 (purple)
    2nd Phixena (Blue)
    3rd jadz14forever (Black)