New guy on the block

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  1. So I am the new guy on the block on smp 7. I have moved to smp 7 because of nicer people, less crowded, and better economy. So as a result in this i need some close friends on smp 7 that i can hang out with. Don't worry im not mean and i dont bite :p
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  2. Reasurring ;)
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  3. Smp2 will welcome you back. Come back to us. We have lemon pledge.
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  4. But i was never there
  5. What if I said we had strawberry pledge...
  6. 9, we have cookies and cake why you leave /sad
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  7. What about your mall? :( We want you back on 9
  8. Oh, hi there, welcome to smp7 :D I have been pretty swamped with school lately, but hopefully I'll get to see you around at some point. :) I'd be happy to show you some of the cool reses and shops if you'd like a brief, biased tour of smp7.
  9. When I get my alt hopefully today or tomorrow I will hopefully get a res or two on Smp7 for I love that server and it's my birth place. :)
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  10. I just moved there, you should come get a res next to mine :D and cddm95ace, Can I get a tour too please? Kinda lost, haha.
  11. Yeah i need a tour :D
  12. I agree with death, I mean we have allt he cookies and cake you could ever need! #smp9cakez
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  13. Come back to us, smp9
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  14. Yeah, we all miss you potato D:
  15. Thanks guys for missing me. :) but i like smp 7 better, i have a couple close friends and its a way better economy ;)
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  16. *cries in corner*
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  17. Thats not the right way to take it maan. Just come to smp 7 and say hi. i will still hang out on 9 ;)
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  18. SMP6 was recommended, bruh.
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  19. I'll try to make it on this Friday or Saturday and can show you guy around some :D
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