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  1. New here, name's Chris and live in Maryland. Been on a few servers in the past.. last one I was on shut down, after running for a while. This place looks really promising and can't wait to check it out.

  2. Welcome to the Empire!! Don't worry, you will be instantly hooked. Might I ask how you found us?
  3. Thanks for the quick welcome. One of my friend's gave me the link to empire minecraft (username: odogollie). I have only been playing Minecraft since October but in that time frame I had my own server running as well as being on other servers. It's a lot of work and decided it was best for me (and my computer) to not keep my own server running lol
  4. Welcome to the Empire!
  5. Yeah, running my own server had quite an impact on my internet. What server do you think you'll settle on? I would recommend smp2 :D
  6. Thanks SlumDog!

    I was looking at the residence list and found my friend on smp7 but i'm not sure which server I will end up on yet. I also have another friend who I'm going to get on this sever when I talk to him this weekend.
  7. Settle on one that you find best.
  8. Hey, welcome to the Empire I'm sorta new as well anyway welcome! :)
  9. ^^^ Agreed. Definitely scout around both in game and on the website. I joined smp2 when I became a member because it was the oldest with the most residences.
  10. Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I'm going to get a feel for how all this works right now.

    Thanks Snozles!
  11. When I first Joined Empire their was only 2 servers SMP1 and SMP2. I didn't listen to the message on the website "for new players" Instead I Joined 1 and stayed.
  12. I joined smp4 but I think I might change.
  13. Which one are you thinking of changing to?
  14. maybe smp2 or smp7 what are you on
  15. I'm on Smp1
  16. Got everything setup, I'm on smp7 lol. Now its 3:30am.. time for bed lol. Thanks again for the welcomes!