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  1. Empire I request your help!
    For a while I've been having trouble playing some newer games except on VERY low graphics. Even then it was still pretty slow. However I did some research and I found out I have 6 ATI PhenomII 1065XT cores. So my place in that is great. I found out however I have a terrible graphics card. Its an ATI Radeon 3000. Yea I know it sucks. So I need your help in finding a better AND cheap graphics card. I don't need it to be top of the line, but decent enough o I can run stuff better. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Cue ignoramoose...
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  3. If you want Nvidia then you pay for name a bit. However if you want AMD then you dont really pay for name. If you want a good graphics card for not much of a price then i would go for a AMD radeon 7770. I had a PC with it and i got great frame rates on bf3. If you didint know bf3 was probably the most laggiest game to run until far cry 3 joined the game. It comes in at around 120 us dollars. Here are some links:
    The specs of it
  4. I'm kinda trying to stay around 75-100 dollars. But thanks anyway
  5. Ok
  6. Dude, speaking of graphics card, my school technology team just took the 3000 dollars we raised from selling fruit and bought a 3000 dollar graphics card. Teacher said we could play Diablo 3 and TF2 on it after competition.
  7. New egg has a lot of information and products.
  8. You need a 3000 dollar card for TF2???? What processor do you have?? I mean my graphics card can still run TF2 REALLY well!
  9. Well, more for other things than video games like the stuff we run for competitions, but not so much TF2, more of BF3,BO2,Diablo 3, and all the other games on steam. And mind you it is my school, so money is flying out the window.
  10. Let's get back to the fact that I asked the Empire for help on finding a new card for ME! :)
  11. I take it it was a firepro or a quadro?
  12. LoL, ok, you should try to increase your price range to 120 because I am looking at a lot of Newegg products right now that are from 80-120
  13. I could, but I need to pay for my server still remember :) and I need the remainder of my money for savings.
  14. Hint Hint. This can run bf3 60-80 fps.
  15. Yesh. Funny thing is we obviosly are making a PC, but since our school gets iPads and we have 3 Mac desktops in every room, it is awkward because our school shouts "Apple Fanboy!" But our technology/robotics team say "PC!". I say Gameboy but whatever.
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  16. Lawl, I know, I checked those, pretty good.
  17. Funny. My school does the exact same thing. We dont have imac's in every room but when you start middle school we get a macbook till the 12th grade.
  18. Yah, out school focuses on Science.Technology.Engineering.Math. (STEM) We get iPads in the begging of high school, we do everything by email and Apple's Pages,Keynote,and Numbers.
  19. Screw you guys we are on 5 year old PCs over here! But we are one of the top 500 public high schools in the nation :cool:
  20. u mad bro?