New game on smp5!

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  1. On my residence, i have created a new game:

    The rules are simple: You chose a chest, and i will give you a random amount of r (Ex. 450r). You may choose to pay that amount and claim the contents in the chest, or you may choose to pass. All items are random, and you may walk away with more r than you paid, or you walk away with garbage. (All items will have AT LEAST one item in it). This is at 10767 on smp5, i will be on for another 10 minutes, so stop by and play!

    REMEMBER: This is gambling. You may win or lose money.
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  2. that was a fun game :)
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  3. are you still on?
  4. I am off for the night, but i'll be back on tomorrow :D
  5. Getting on now!
    Come try it! =D
  6. Bump!
    I'm on again!
    (I will only bump if i'm on :p)
  7. Bump!
    You can win EMERALD Ore!
    And if the game gets popular enough, i'll put my BEACON in the chest!
    Come now before it's gone!
  9. Um.....
    bump? c:
  10. Sorry to bump this old thread :p
  11. lawl... sounds fun :D
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  12. I wanna play! Is the beacon still avaible?
  13. I'll get on right now :p

    The beacon was already won by MVPdrose!
    Congrants, dude! :D

    There is another beacon, and it may or may not be avaible ;)
  14. I'm coming!
  15. AWW MAN i cant get on :(
  16. He got off anyways....
  17. Jtc I want to play :p
  18. I'm on again! :D
  19. I can't get on wat about tomorrow
  20. Sure :p