New Gambling Scheme

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nerone94, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. I love the clay soldiers mod, and have been wanting to find a way to include people in on it. so I had an idea: I will run it in SinglePlayer (There is no multiplayer support as of yet :( ) And build a few arenas. I wil lthen create armies, and let people "sponsor" them here on EMC. You can "buy" them upgrades, and al lthe money spent on the army will go into a prize pool. The winners army takes all.

    It could be one person to an army, or a few people to an army. I believe there are only four colors for armies, so the more people = the less prize money. But we can figure that out later.

    I stand to make no profit off of this, it is for pure fun only. We can deal in resources or tools rather than rupees if necessary. I will be video recording this all and posting it for all to see after each round is fought.

    Some of the upgrades include: Horses, weapons, armor, buildings, Martyrs (They explode when killed) and Leaders (Stronger than normal, and "lead" the army into battle).

    Any interest?
  2. Probably not sorry.....
  3. id like to try it IF u post ALL of the upgrades, their prices, and other info...
  4. I would do it, but c'mon, it would be hard not to lie, or pick favoriyes
  5. Not really because I hate all of you equally.

    Also, the upgrades in question will probably be like... 1r each, if anything like that at all. Item entries could also be taken (Donate the item you want to give them, etc. )