New Frontier Terrain

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New Frontier, a TRUE Frontier

Yes 4 vote(s) 26.7%
No 9 vote(s) 60.0%
Don't Care 2 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. I know this has prolly been thought of or brought up, but I'm not sure if anyone else has really noticed or if it's even true. But it seems that somewhere between the time when the Frontier Terrain was originally generated as the 'Wilderness' and now when the Wastelands Terrain was rendered, I have noticed not only MUCH more biome mixing, but an overall much more beautiful world to look at, with some absolutely amazing things that I have never seen in a world until this one when I went exploring. So I propose this, a new fresh Frontier, a true Frontier, unexplored like the Wastelands was when it was released and that be EMC's new Wild Building area. Keep the current "Frontier" for nostalgic purposes, people have built a lot and don't want to move, fine. But I think the vast majority of the community would agree that a new area with this improved world rendering would be far more enjoyable and fun to explore/build in that the old Minecraft World that has grown so stale.

    So who's with me!?
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  2. I mean, they just came out with Wastelands...
  3. Plus move farther out in the current world.
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  4. Sorry but we can not have 2 frontiers, that is way too confusing... And we can not reset the current one either.
  5. @Epic- True they just came out with it, but this will be reset often, making building there pointless and stupid, I'm talking about a new area we can build in.

    @GTW- Ok, but wouldn't it be nice NOT to have to travel 30mins. but cart ride just to get to your wild area? I know I'd prefer that. And still farther out doesn't produce the same world rendering style the new Wastelands does.

    @ Aikar- I'm not saying two frontiers, they should again rename the current frontier more appropriately, when I think of "Frontier" I think, unexplored dangerous new lands.
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  6. Additional Wild Outpost portals could generate the new terrain you want without adding any new worlds.
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  7. @ Pab10S- No it wouldn't, as I said to GTW, I have gone exploring in the areas farther out in the Frontier and still have yet to see the type of terrain rendering I see everywhere in the Wastelands.
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  8. Use the quote button to get their attention. :)
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  9. I don't understand why terrain in a newly generated chunk would be different on a new or old world as long as they were generated by the same server revision. I've been out beyond the black on a Frontier server recently and I do see some differences from the older areas, but don't recall them looking much different from the new Wasteland areas. I guess I haven't spent enough time in the Wastelands yet to understand what you are seeing.
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  10. The wastelands were created to please those who wanted fresh material gathering, and those of us who wanted to keep our vast bases. Why would they reset the area they just went through great lengths to preserve?
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  11. You may find this funny, but when I think of frontier... I think Alaska...
    Plus.. Seasons!
  12. You know, it's not hard to get to unexplored land if you work hard at it.
  13. I choose to be so far out due to greifing problems