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  1. so i got on the other day and decided to see who was a fail and who was a win. now i decided this on eye catching designs and something new, i visited several res and was unimpressed with many of them, as a result i left them a "fail nugget". i hand out a gold nugget to symbolize how much of a fail your res is, i have also handed out 2 "win" which come in the form of diamond, these people have shown me incredible res' and make me want to see more of their work. but some people were asking why i was the one handing out the fail and what i base it on. well i get bored on my server when all anyone wants to do is run some form of gambling or a hotel(really? we have a res, why a hotel?). as for the what i base it on well here are some things.....

    *only having food on surface of res
    *having thousands of chicken(causes lag)
    *having a hotel
    *Claiming you were "griefed"(really? you gave them perms, deal with it)
    *Building an anime girl(have not seen yet but its a mega fail)
    -----more to come as i see them------

    wins are more like building the front of the titanic, or an amazing spleef arena, or heck i dare you to build tower 1(if you dont know, google it)

    and if the Gods are so demanding that you take the fail to a new level, then you shall face the FAILSTORM, dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn.

    you know how i do it, dont be the fail.

    also i set up a wall of bad res on my res in smp4 the reasons are listed on each sign,
  2. whoo hoo, and now i am banned from the server, for how long im not sure, but i will be back, and if not, well then we will see the other servers
  3. One question tho. Do you have anything amazing that you made to show?

    P.S. Because i'm on your res and i don't see anything that would take more then half an hour to build.
  4. i really dont care much for design..

    you can fail my res, ill fail your life..
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  5. What is your basis on any of this. I am sure your residence is a peice of crap. Also, I think the best creation is he Dragona Hotel. So, get to know what your talking about.
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  6. Do it with permission instead of just wandering in there and judging it...

    Also, what do you even plan to get out of this judgement?
  7. This thread is closed. Everyone is doing this wrong. Player is being... rude, basically insulting others' works, and the rest of you are wrong for directly insulting him.
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