New experience to me + a Question

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  1. The funniest thing just happened.

    So I was helping out a certain person on smp4 a few minutes ago- providing information on mycelium, light levels, and a vast array of other information. He kept on asking questions... and I would immediately give an answer with more than enough information. Eventually he told me that he was getting upset with me because I knew so much. It gave me a a good laugh.

    On a slightly related note. I noticed that in the debug screen I was getting a Sunlight level of 15 at night time... I don't know if blocks are effected by this, but I thought it was rather peculiar; considering the Moon usually emits level 4 light. (We discussed the spreading of Mycelium for a while)

    Edit: I did notice this in Town... Did not Check in the Wild
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  2. I think the light level is always 15 so mobs don't spawn in town.However, I'm not sure if that effects the spreading... I believe it does though because you sometimes can't grow wheat in town if you have to low a light level.
  3. The no mobs thing is probably something separate... but maybe They decided it would be easier for everyone if the moon emitted lv. 15 light, but still look like 4... I don't know
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  4. I believe the light level will always be shown as 15 if there's no blocks above you in multiplayer, it could be a glitch in smp. Blocks are not affected by this glitch, they will still act as per normal and so do mob spawning. Towns have hostile-monsters spawning set to false, so there's none of them in town worlds.

    The light level will be shown correctly in SSP through the debugging screen though.