New Event Idea

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  1. I've made a rough recreation of the minigame I imagined in minecraft. If you don't want to download it and see it for yourself *sniff* then I'll write a summary.
    There is a field with four quadrants fit for four teams. Pigs will spawn at random on the field and will teleport. The role of the player is to try to throw snowballs or eggs at them to knock them into your goal. Whoever has the most pigs in the end wins. The map is very unbalanced so don't try playing a game on it yet.

    Download link below;
    1) Press the windows key and the r button and type %appdata%
    2) Open .minecraft and open saves.
    3) Download the file for the correct operating system
    4) Drag the file into the saves folder

    finished product <-- CLICK HERE FOR THE FINISHED PRODUCT !!! :D