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  1. hello i want to establish a new settlement. i have built 4 big walls around just to set a perimeter. the name i want is URUGUAY on server 8. also how do i make a locked chest. Thank you for your help.
  2. To make a locked chest you need to put 'locked' or lock on the top line of a sign above the chest and your name on the second line. If you want other users on the sign you can add them below your own name :)
  3. Hi Enzo,

    Good look with your Establishment! To make a locked chest, I believe you make a sign with "Locked" on the first line, then the names of the players to have access on the other ones.
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  4. thank you so much i appreciate it. can i put things in there and no one can take the things?
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  5. Correct :) It does cost 1,000 Rupees to make a locked chest though. If you need some help with funding for that. Let me know and I can help!
  6. hey i just did it. thank you so much for all your help. you made it easy. one last question since you know so much you might be able to help me. to get back here can i just make a bed and sleep here or when i go back to town i have to keep going through frontier until i come on the spawn area close to my establishment and than walk there.
  7. You can set your spawn out there which means you would spawn there if you died, this could be used as a quick travel if you are lazy but there is no other way of teleporting to or from town other than death I'm afraid :)
  8. You should really move servers. EMC is a 10-server network that you can have a residence on. I'd unclaim your res and move it to a new server, so doing /smp# will take you to a wild base, then going to another server will take you to your res. Also, is it 5k from spawns and 3k from other outposts? Otherwise it can't be established.
  9. You can sleep out there and set your spawn point, but the only way to get back to town would be to destroy your spawn point and kill yourself. Alternatively, you could try to make a Nether route, but this would require a lot of pickaxes and time, possibly even a lot of deaths at the hands pigmen you might accidently hit or explosions sent to you by ghast fireballs.