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  1. This casino will be located at 1283 on smp1 an will include the following:
    -A job to make rupees (shearing sheep, then selling it)
    -Drop Party Room
    -Winners Room
    -And of course, casino machines!

    The casino will open June 1st 3:00 pm empire time!

    Right as we open, we will be hosting a drop party in our brand new drop party room! Feel free to ask me to run a drop party in there, only costs 750 rupees per drop party (prices may change!)

    Hope to see you there! --CardMan142
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  2. Also, cheapest machine to play is 10 rupees =P
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  3. Sounds Fun. Can't wait!
  4. Donations are accepted to help us!
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  6. Yes, That will be the next step after the machines are made. I have told Eviltoade a while back to be ready to approve when they are done.
  7. ^ Not yet I mean
  8. Everything is approved and ready!
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