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  1. well ive had an idea for a while now so here it is i will be posting video tutorials on how to make stuff as easy from a simple cobblestone gen. to something complicated like a revolving lighthouse and more! here is my first video i decided to go simple with a cobble gen. here it is: next video will be a casino game or a lighthouse
  2. anyone use camtasia2 on mac idk how to upload it on here.
  3. I wish I could help you, Id love to see the videos! I dont know how to use mac though :-/
  4. just use quicktime recording on a mac
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  5. Like the aldi ad:

    I dont like cobble gens, I like stone gens
  6. i already uploaded finished the video.... ill try to figure out :)
  7. ok ill re-redo the video it was only 5 or 6 min.
  8. dude that recorider SUCKS i cant even record audio
  9. oh i can its maybe that i have final cut adds features
  10. oh wait make it see full page and drag the mic slide to full
  11. make the sound lever full thatl fix it
  12. Try getting Debut Video Capture Software.
    If you're on Mac, (EDIT: You are right?) try getting Quicktime Pro. It should've came with your Mac... or it at least it came with mine so..
  13. how do i upload it to emc using quicktime?
  14. u upload to youtube than post link
  15. Well first you record it, then you should put the video into your editing software, edit it, render it, then upload to Youtube.
    Then you can embbed it (when your typing posts you should see a film strip titled "Media" then link your Youtube vid.
  16. With embed video players you can watch it on the EMC website ifself as well
  17. iamsaj is right