New EMC Series on Youtube!!

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  1. Hi everyone!!

    I'm KarateKitKat and along with my friend, Mckenna718 we create minecraft youtube video on our channel, Kat and Kake.

    We recently started a series on Empire. We love this server and would enjoy sharing it with others and all the fun times on it. We tried playing survival or factions but always grew bored, ran into trouble or got raided. Although we believe EMC is different then an ordinary survival series.

    Check out our channel here!

    We usually record on either mine or McKenna718's res. Come say hi!

    Smp7 /v KarateKitKat or Smp7 /v Mckenna718

    Hope to see you online!
    -Kat and Kake
  2. When can we expect another Kat and Kake adventure?
  3. Good videos, but do yourself a favour and stop using copyrighted music. I dunno when YouTube added it, but if you get 2 (automated) ContentID claims which block the video worldwide, you now lose an absolute ton of features (and as far as I know, there's no way to get them back) such as thumbnails, livestreaming, and your video length will get capped at 15 minutes.
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  4. Honestly I wasn't going to continue to create and edit video because of my busy personal life.

    Thanks so much for the advice!
  5. YAY, I would love to help w/ videos and such, just can't be in voice video... thats all
    Amazing content from 2 amazing youtubers!