[NEW] Donkey's and Mules 100-124% speed Zone

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  1. I just expanded my shop with a new zone. The green carpet zone that is :)

    This zone is dedicated to donkey's and mules. Not just regular mules and donkey's, but high speeds as well. No donkey's and mules below 100% speed and speeds up to 124% are now available!

    And what is a shop full donkey's and mules without a chest that's selling chests to put on your fresh new mule/donkey. So yes, chests are available as well.

    Come have a look at 8028


    (High stats usually go pretty fast and are hard to keep stocked. If you have special wishes that are out of stock. Just message me, pre-order and I'll get you what you want.)
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  2. Now also selling and buying stable vouchers!! Expand your stable or make some quick bucks and sell your vouchers.
    You can find this chest in the 'no carpet' misc. zone :)

    Also I'm looking for >120% speed donkey's and >136% horses. PM me and I'll be happy to buy them.
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  3. I'd like to buy your fastest horses donkeys and mules :). I will Pm you later.
  4. Thanks all for those who visited my shop.

    Want to announce that I'm also selling diamond horse armors now. A little bit under the usual price. Can be found in the misc. area :)