New Discovery! Pathetic Glitched-Out Midget Village!

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  1. So, a while ago, when 1.7 first came out, I went into a creative world and just started flying, looking for new biomes. After a while, I flew across this.

    Yup, two houses, a well, and a road. I looked it up on the wiki, and villages are supposed to spawn with at least four houses (two huts and two small houses), one well, one large farm, and two small farms at the very least. This village has one small house and one butcher shop. Glitch alert!
  2. Yea I've noticed these little villages in 1.7. In one fly by I found 2 of them. If they're not "villages" what would you call them? Need to come up with a name for them. :D

  3. I found a village like this in a 1.5 world.
    One well, three houses, and two farms. :p
  4. Outposts maybe? :confused:
  5. I have seen a village with nothing but 2 farms and a well...
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  6. We shall call them settlements
  7. I know what to call this... a Tinillage. Yes, that is Tiny + Village, people.
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  8. My brother showed me a village he found in 1.7 out in the open ocean. It looked as if someone took 4 biomes, chopped them in half and replaced one half with oceans. It was a really weird 1.7 glitch.
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  9. getaway cottage for that stressful villager. LIfe is hard for a villager with all the mobs wanting their blood.
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  10. It's also hard with all them players stealing their young and throwing them into tiny iron farm prison rooms. :)
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  11. Peasants. They have grass on their gravel.
  12. They're so poor they only have a layer of gravel over dirt and the grass broke through it. We should start a charity for these poor villages! :(
    *joking, of course. I'm worried some idiot will see this and make a chipin or something :p*