New Desert/Jungle Themed Wilds Town

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  1. Me and Optikarray have started a new Town (today) very far away from spawn. We decided we want a jungle/desert tropical themed village/castle place. We want a very awesome looking, functional town. We have the resources and most of what we don't have we plan on finding.

    For now it's just a small project, and we aim to keep only a very exclusive few apart of it.

    Looking for 1-3 more people I interview to help get the town going.

    Looking for serious build talent/experience Minecrafters primarily.
    We're looking for more people to basically help, and expand our group, and of course live there with us.
    You need to be active/dedicated.

    -Just the obvious really. EMC stuff.
    -Big projects are worked on/thought of together, personal projects are semi restricted (partial size and theme restrictions).
    -No 'personally locked' chests. (We all need to be a trusted/sharing group) Locked chests will include other member's names as well if you must have them.
    -Absolutely *NO* visitors. (unless approved)
    -Don't just take resources, gather some too.

    Message me for more details or interest.
  2. welcome to new member MR2R2M, still looking for a few more people to help start up.
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  3. I might be interested just what server is it on?
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  4. Looks interesting but I'm caught up in to many things right now though:(
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  5. SMP8
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  6. Maybe later than. :)
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  7. Welcome Mr2R2M!