New Delta Team

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  1. This thread will be about the New Delta Team (NDT). I'll go into details later. First, 'watch' this thread, follow me, and send me a pm including: first real name, what you did in Delta team, your skype user name, and anything else you want to tell me.
    I Will try my best :)
  2. Sounds like you're pishing for information to me.
  3. :confused: does it? I forgot all the DT members that knew me left. Trust me, it has to do with the new way im running DT, which revolves around getting to know each other, trusting each other, and working together.
  4. I'd assume the one left to running DT would know how to handle such scandals. Don't take it seriously, I'm just used to messing with Copafeel who was the person running DT.
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  5. copher left. he left it to ecli who also left. so since he was next in line he took over. make sense?
  6. Messing try being abusive lol
  7. I've never been abusive, I think you might be talking about some of the stuff said to me. Which isn't the point of this.
  8. this was a peaceful thread. what the nether happened?
  9. Romano! Let's get DT back on track woot!

    Do I have to follow? I wasn't following Copher.

    Also I dunno about first name, call me Terr

    I'll send my skype via PM
  10. SWM Happened :)

    But good luck you guys! I hope you can get it off the ground again :)
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  11. I would join, but i'm to sad to join :(
  12. I will give you access to our private forums, just to keep me bussy for some time. Geez, I need someone to fight with!