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What server crew should this be smp4 or smp7?

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Smp4 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Smp7 5 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Hello every1 I'm here to tell that I'm opening a new crew

    This crew is for sopporters only (only member me :p)

    I'm looking for 15 members to join

    This is a new crew I have been in 3 crews and have been founder of 2

    This crew will build tons of different farms




    Well-known member




    New member

    If your a

    Iron sopporter you have a 55% to join

    Gold and diamond sopporter have a 75% to join

    Myself and deathconn are the only members for now


    Deathconn-well-known member

    There will be 3 founders every1 has a good chance of being a founder

    To join just pm me and tell me y you want to join and/or what farms you can build or what farms you have build
  2. I always like crew ideas :D
    Quick questione - why are you making it supporter only if you're not a supporter?
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  3. Will you see it's my crew

    But the idea of sopporters only is for live map hideing

    I'm sorry did you want to join?
  4. mmkay ... makes more since now.

    assuming you're already hidden?
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  5. I wish but I'm going to be iron sopporter this year
  6. I believe there shouldn't be any specif server to be on, we all should gather around to act as a "family" for the lack of a better word. And the question on top made very little sense to me. . .
  7. I don't realy under stand deathconn but I do get that all the members in the club must work as a family
  8. bump needing members
  9. People needed
  10. okay now i will be takeing some none sopporters
  11. Change the specification. Give more detail. You're making it seem like well "You'll do all the work while I supervise." ALSO, try to get some of it started up.
  12. no every1 in the crew is like a family we all help build all the farms

    for more info just pm me and ask anything

    like whats the first farm we will do
  13. Gangstaz.
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  14. wat?
  15. Any1 else want to join none sopporters can only join today and tomarrow

    So far members:

  16. any1 joining?