New Craftbukkit!

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  1. Bukkit just release a new stable build for 1.0.1 servers!] Here [/url] it is.

    its says there will be another release soon. But this is there first recommended build since the Official release of minecraft. it was released Monday. And alot of the plugins are already updated =).

    I just happened to notice an EndReset Plugin.. Maybe more Enderdragons in the future?
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  2. Did you just say end reset! OMG I cannot wait for that, maybe the dragon eggs will become one of the most valuable commodities on the server :)
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  3. well just because because it is out does not mean that Justin will immediately move to it. but i am sure in do time it will. And hopefully in future releases they will make the eggs hatch. What kind of world would we live in with a whole bunch of those badboys flying around ^.^
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  4. It would be insanely epic if the dragons were tameable and flyable :D
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  5. i would run it through your rubiks cube =D j/k.
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  6. haha, well, damage cause by the dragon will require the build flag XD