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  1. It's not looking good for my pc. I've taken it to an actual computer company and they advise the hard dive is bad. So, I may be getting a new computer. What would you recommend? I like gaming but can not afford top of the line. Please keep that in mind.
  2. If you can afford a package containing an intel i5 processor you should be pretty happy with your purchase. They are moderately priced and have a pretty good performance. Bear in mind I am not completely aware of what sort of package you consider top of the line, but an i5 processor with a decent motherboard, 8 gig RAM, reasonable graphics card and small SSD should make a nice package for about $1k USD. It would not be top of the line, but it should keep you happy for a few years.
  3. I have a Custom Built PC with 8GB memory AMD quad core processors 4.7ghz and 2tb memory and more (But I can't remember in full all for £497 about $700 So very good for the price :)
  4. The AMD processor is better than the Intel's i5-6-7-Xeon-Atom under £600 each (So top of the line for very cheap)
  5. lol i have this $400 laptop
  6. Same I'm currently on a Sony Vaio 6gb memory AND Ultimate Vision performers Blue-ray disc drive with Win-7 Ultimate all for £497 Brand New (Costumed) (Ebay)
  7. Thanks. I'll run these by him.