New company for smooth stone/cobble stone making.

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  1. The new company(name not yet known) is on server smp1 and address 2203. The workers keep ALL money when selling a generator as there is no hidden costs. There are 10 slots for the job.It is FREE to join and the workers dont need to pay any money EXCEPT when a bad generator which a person doesnt want gets refunded within 5 days.The whole team including me(mikecspike) will help and provide each other with resources.The best people for the job are people who are skilled with redstone and pistons, but remember ANYONE CAN JOIN.The job will start once at least 5 people have joined.
    signed-mikecspike players joined;wipple4,crickdawg,jkjkjk182,bitmonger20
  2. Umm i am skilled wiv redstone and pistons!
  3. I can only make cobble gens with pistons and redstone, and i can even put a hole that lets you gather the cobble
  4. You have joined the group!
  5. This machine does use 3 pistons (one which is sticky)and redstone.If you would like to see the machine yourself it is on res 2203 on smp1.
  6. I know how to make a high volume cobble generator that uses regular pistons and redstone.
  7. if you would like, you can check out my mega generator for smoothstone. its 11195 on smp5. it is costly, but as you will see, it is for high volume miners. its like a super VIP smoothstone generator!
  8. ME me me!!! i know how to configure big hidden doors, and ive made a Generator (instant regen) in this shape:
    1=cobble 0000
    It is really complicated, and i know many more simple ones that can be used with a button or switch too!!!!
    _if possible, i havent learned any well-working redstone clocks yet, so thats all i need help with for redstone purposes!!!
  9. Great! you can join!
  10. Awesome,we can use and share different ideas like this.You are in the group!
  11. Nice, my gen makes smooth stone and has a fair amount of pistons ane redstone,You are in!