New Commandments and Guidelines

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  1. You may have noticed the Empire is getting busier. As we continue to grow we have no room for trouble makers. The addition of moderators has been a tremendous help to keeping the community on track. I want to thank all the players who are polite, friendly, and follow the rules. It is because of you all that we have one of the best servers on Minecraft!

    Today I have added an official list of server rules, The Ten Commandments of the Empire. They are available in the server guide, or you can access a shortened in-game version with /rules. Thanks to Dark_Liz for spending the time to write these. If you have any comments or questions on the commandments feel free to reply to this thread.

    Over the next few days I will be implementing some new server plugins I have been working on. All of these plugins are designed to help catch players that habitually break the rules. Now that the rules are posted there can be no excuses.
  2. All I have to say about this is, thank god. Now no one can claim innocence when they break a rule, and this will help bring more order to the Empire. Good job Dark_Liz, I like the style in which you wrote the Commandments lol!
  3. basic rules i am used too :) and zander same way they are read from scripture >.> old English if i am not mistaken.
    Good Job Liz :D +1
  4. Ya I recognized where the writing style is from, that is why I said I liked it.
  5. i wasn't saying you didn't know,I was stating it for others that may not catch the reference or writing style. that is all
  6. Ok, I just wasn't sure what you meant by it.
  7. if anyone is banned before this came out, can we get a pardon, as there was no clear rule on stealing and destroying in the wastleland/wilderness?
  8. that is up to the all mighty mods and admins to decide on so who knows
  9. oh goody biscuits this must me a good day no bad :)
  10. I have two questions: If i were to message a personal friend privately using the /tell command and used bad language there, that won't get me into trouble, right? Also, can Admins and/or Mods see private messages as people could harrass via the /tell command.
  11. 1. If it is not insulting or meant to harm another person, than swearing is fine, but then there is almost no other point to it, so there is really no need to swear.
    2.I am not sure about it, but I know there are plugins that allow them to see private messages, so it is possible.
  12. If you were to do it with a personal friend in private, I don't see a problem with that. Also, we (Admins) keep logs of everything, so if a situation does come up that way, we are able to investigate it if asked.
  13. Yeah, the level of profanity in private messages is up to you and whoever you're talking to. The place for swears is in fact in private with people who you know don't mind, rather than in public where some people may not appreciate it.

    And yeah, if you're being harassed by another player via private messages tell one of the moderators or administrators in private. The chat logs will show everything that has been said. On top of that, I would advise taking a screenshot of what was written in the chat (F2) so that you also have a record of what was said.
  14. If no staff members are on at the time, note the player's name, take a screenshot and if they persist, use /ch ignore [player] to ignore them.
  15. Does it really matter if you cap spam.
  16. It sure does, it is the etiquette of the internet, just like you wouldn't sit in a restaurant and yell because it would be rude.
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