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  1. How do I leave the town channel I am going to be driven nuts listening to these kids scream and spam :(
  2. You can no longer leave channels.
  3. Can you enable this feature I am already going nuts.
  4. I am sorry we changed the way the chat was structured and it no longer uses "channel" lists. This was a big save for resources (less lag) and we decided that the same thing is going to be possible with the new EMC UI mod that is being developed.

    Until EMC UI mod is recommended for public use I would recommend ignoring annoying players (this is permanent now) or if they are breaking rules /report them and help everyone out :)

    Edit: if you are daring you can use the mod now:
  5. What do you mean daring :confused:
  6. Maybe you could invent a mod for this D1223m that ignores chat starting with T :)
  7. Just select a different tab and ignore the flashing green town tab :)
  8. What I mean was with the chat mod you could just ignore the Town [tab].

    Also to add, no changes are permanent, we can always adjust as we see fit.
  9. Stupid flashy...
  10. like adding personal level of disabling @ >_> ?

    I tried to type @.@ in chat last night and got "could not find player .@" lol ; ;
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