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  1. I understand what Empire was trying to accomplish by limiting the chat limits, however, I think you have cut us (the players) off from one another who REALLY REALLY want to have the connection! Wouldn't it be possible to keep the Global Chat and just let people opt out of it if it isn't what they want? I have never felt so isolated in all my life from the people in the game! I am a supporter, so I usually play in Utopia, however, I always counted on being connected to the entire community of Empire via the Global Chat! Please give us our friends back!
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  3. We appreciate the feedback suzisuzuki. I understand that it feels more cut off it was one of things discussed when we were debating what to do with chat. We are constantly tweaking our setup based on community feedback and will readdress decisions as needed.

    If you are mostly playing on Utopia I know all the supporters use the supporter channel, you have to join it with /ch s. That channel is global like the old global chat :) This may or may not help you..
  4. LOL, yes I'm housebound, (disabled), I am young at heart and I will always play! I challenge my nieces & nephews and the neighborhood kids and we all have a great time! My body might age, but my mind will NEVER grow old!

    No Offense taken!
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  5. I'm 35, could be your Dad - and I'd whip your butt for that comment...

    I LOVE that you live in wild suzi - LOVE it... use /ch S in town like stated above - we'll say hi.
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